Hank: (returning from the dressing room) Ok.  I like this bathing suit.

Me: See, the decision is easier when you try them on.  Perfect. We’ll get it.

Hank: Now I am ready for FERIAS (VACATION)!

Me: Oh, Hank.  (shaking head. looking through the little girl sun dresses)

Hank: Oh, they are all so cute.

Me: That is the problem.  How will we ever be able to choose clothes for this little lady?  How can you pick?  They are all too cute.

Hank: You can’t pick because we haven’t met my sister yet.  When we know her we will be able to choose the dress.

Me: (pause) You are exactly right.

Hank: Yup.  You cannot buy any dresses until we meet her.  Then we will know.


Our Dancing Baby



Hank: Mommy, what does it feel like to have a baby in your belly?

Me: At first it feels like nothing at all and I cannot speak for everyone. I think it is always different.  For instance when you lived in my body you would be totally quiet and then all of a sudden BAM! POW! HELLO, MAMA! You’d kick me, hard.

Hank: (laughing)

Me: Just out of nowhere! SHA-ZAM! You wanted attention: LIKE NOW.  Or you had the hiccups and just kicked over and over and over.  And I cannot be sure if this was just me being crazy but at the end you use to either swish your head or foot back and forth and it felt so weird.

Hank: Maybe that is how I got my birthmark on my head that is there when I am mad.

Me: Maybe.  But with this little lady… it is like… Well, do you remember when all the kids dance in Charlie Brown?  Around the piano?

Hank: Oh, yes.

Me: She moves like that.  Like all the kids dancing at once.

Hank: Wow.

Me: I know.


** Guest Artist: Charles M. Schulz


While watching House Hunters International


Hank: England is so pretty.  Even, not London, is pretty.

Me: When there is sun it is very nice.

Hank: Where is this place?

Me: I don’t know.  I wasn’t paying attention, but you are right it is not London.

Hank: I love London.

Me: You’re a city boy. There is a possibility that someday we could move to England.  There are lots of jobs for artists and scientists there.

Hank: I wouldn’t mind if I were a bit older, like eleven, but you would have to be ready to say, ”jolly good,” when you are happy about something.  That is what they say in England.

Me: (positively purple with laughter)

Pai: (from another room) And reckon.

Me: (crying laughing)

Hank: Otherwise, it would be a nice place to live for a while, but I would always want to come back to Portugal.

Me: (big sigh) Oh, no one ever called you dumb.

Hank: Not one day.