Hank: (big sigh, getting a fresh piece of paper)

Me: What’s up?

Hank: I am going to start a new drawing.

Me: Oh?

Hank: I don’t like how I made her head. It is too small for her body. I am going to start again.

Me: You are going to leave her alone on a blank page?


Me: I just cannot imagine living alone on a blank page. How terrible. She has nothing to keep her company: no tree, no house or flowers or clouds or blue sky.


Me: I just cannot bear to leave her alone. May I draw her a house? You may, of course, move on to another drawing, but I think she is so sweet and want to give her a world to live in.

Hank: Sure. I think she needs a fairy house.

Me: Oh?

Hank: Yes and since she is a fairy she needs wings and I will draw her a tiny magic cherry tree with tiny magic cherries.

Me: Wonderful. Tiny magic cherries are the best and can you make the sun? Your suns are far better drawn than mine.

Hank: I make a nice swirly sun. That is the kind that fairies like.

Me: I will make the grass.

Hank: You make the best grass. You put all the colors and grass has many colors.


Me: (sigh, satisfied)

Hank: You were right, my mama. Much better. She just needed a world and wings to become beautiful.

Me: Truth.


Overheard While Waiting for the Elevator


Pai: Ready for school?

Hank: O Pai (dad). Where is your bag?

Pai: Inside the house.

Hank: (thinking) Pai, are you on ferias (vacation)? Are you not going to work?

Pai: No, I am not on ferias (vacation), I am on paternity leave. My university allows me to take time off because I am a father of a new baby. I get to be here for Amália, for your Mãe (mom) and for you.

Hank: Oh. Why don’t I have paternity leave, too?

Pai: Well, that is a good question. Would you like to stay home from school to love, cuddle and change diapers all day?

Hank: Um… I guess I can save my diaper help for after school.


As we were walking home from dinner

Guest post by Dr. Leslie Blaha:

Hank: Leslie, when Amália comes home from the hospital, will you still love me?

Leslie: But of course I’ll still love you. You are my best friend, Hank. And that’s the wonderful thing about love. There is always more of it. When a new best friend comes along, like Molly, there is even more love so that I can love her and I can love you.

Hank: I think we’re besties forever now.


Guest Artist: Irina