When is Molly coming?


Me: Hankito?

Hank: I’m doing my hair, mama.

Me: Oh.

Hank: (bathroom door opening) I’m done, but can you help me with my shoes?  They have knots.

Me: Sure, honey.

Hank: Mama?

Me: Yes.

Hank: When is Molly coming? You said after my birthday and it is officially after my birthday.

Me: Truth.  Molly will most probably be born the last week of November. And it is October… so a few more months.

Hank: That is soon.

Me: Yup.  She needs a bit more time to incubate.

Hank: I hope she comes while I am at school.

Me: That would be very convenient.

Hank: I don’t want her to come at night.

Me: Listen to me, Hank.  If Molly comes at night I will let you sleep and you can stay with your Papa and I will go have her with the Nurses at the hospital and then you can come and meet her in the morning.  There is nothing to be nervous about.

Hank: But I don’t want you to be alone.

Me: I won’t be alone.  I am going to make so many friends at the hospital.

Hank: That is true.

Me: Here are your shoes.  Any questions?

Hank: I guess no. But I will think while I am at school.

Me: Would it help if we took a walk to the hospital tomorrow so you can see where I will be.  You will be able to see me from your bedroom window. Perks of living across the street from the hospital, you know.  It is not all sirens and ambulances.

Hank: That is exactly what I need, yes please.  And while you are in the hospital you can take a flash light and shine it to my window so I can see you!

Me: YES!

Hank: And we can think of a code.

Me: Yes.

Hank: Now I am excited.

Me: Me, too.


Door opening

Pai: Ok. I’m back.

Me: Well…

Pai: You were right. It was an impossible mission.


Hank: (scrubbed, bathtub wrinkled, in pajamas) What was impossible?

Me: I can’t explain I am too devastated.

Pai: Hank, when a woman is pregnant there are times when they have uncontrollable cravings for random foods and until they eat that food there is no peace in the house.  You mother is having a craving, but they do not sell beef jerky in Portugal.

Hank: Oh no!

Me: WHY!!!!????

Pai: But I have done my best to find the next best thing at almost 10 pm on a Sunday.  Tomorrow I can drive to the American Store in Porto and get your mommy beef jerky.

Me: (weepy) Really?

Hank: Oh!  Can you get me Mint M&M’s and Root Beer?

Pai: Yes to all the things, BUT for tonight…  I have: pretzels, tortilla chips and Old El Paco Queso Dip.

Hank: What is Queso?

Pai: I think it is suppose to be cheese.

Me: (weeping crocodile tears) This is why I married you.  (sobbing) I love you so much.

Pai: Ok, Hank. Time to leave mommy alone with her snacks.  How about two chapters in your book?

Hank: (walking out of the room) Papa, why is that cheese orange?  Cheese isn’t orange.  Cheese is white like milk.

Pai: I don’t know.  It is an American thing.


In the middle of a renaissance faire surrounded by friends and fun.

Hank: Mama?

Me: Hum?

Hank: Are you going to write this down?

Me: Write what down?

Hank: (wide gesture) All of this?

Me: I can.

Hank: The best way to not forget something is to write it down.  Because I want to remember it. Because right now I am in a terrible mood, but I know that this is special so I was wondering if you will write it all down?

Me: I can do that.

Hank: Thank you.  (pause) Don’t forget the smells.

Me: (inhaling) Charcoal and wood fires, roast pork and incense.

Hank: That’s it, my mama.