New Life Goal


Me: OK. I know where to get a snail. I know how to feed and tend to a snail. Now all I need is to learn to crochet and get a tortoise.

Hank: We cannot have a tortoise. The woman who owns this apartments says, “no pets but fish,” and a tortoise would fall off the veranda and kill someone.


Pai: What are you talking about?

Me: (showing him this photo) My new life goal of outfitting otherwise shelled animals with beanies and flair.

Pai: I’ll think about your problem.

Hank: Is that a real thing?

Pai: Etsy will cause you to ask that question over and over again


Par de Jarras (Pair of Jars)


Hank: What is that?

Me: This? It’s like a clothesline, but for your drawings.  We are going to hang this and then I have more room to hang your art in the house.

Hank: Really?

Me: Yup.  We may put one in each room.

Hank: All over the house?

Me: Sure. Papa and I love your art.

Hank: Are you proud of me because I am an artist?

Me: No.  I am proud of you because you are you.  I am proud of your because you do your best everyday.  And I would still be proud of you if you were a rocket scientist, or a vet, or a star trooper, or a time lord, or a carpenter, or a rock star. You make me proud because of your heart and when you work hard it is yet another thing that shows me who you are.

Hank: I am proud of you because you are my mama.

Me: (from a hug) Somos um belo par de jarras, não? (Well, aren’t we a pair of jars?) Thanks, dude.

Hank: Mama, don’t call me dude.

Me: Oh, sorry.

Hank: It is perfectly, okay.

Me: Love you, Hank.

Hank: That’s better.  Love you too, mama.


Blue Blanket


Me: “…Put there by mother. ‘Cause mother loves art.” ***

Hank: I love that book.

Me: That is one good read.  Are you all set?

Hank: Wait.  I need my blue blanket.

Me: (riffling sheets) Here he is.

Hank: I was thinking. Can I keep this blue blanket until I am… well, forever?

Me: Yes.

Hank: And then I could hang it on my wall and I can remember all my memories.  Like this day: when you read me this book, in your bathrobe, with your hair up in that towel, and that cream all over your face (face mask).  This is a good memory.

Me: What an idea.

Hank: And I have so many memories in this blanket so when I see it I will get a new memory.  Like I get in the day when I remember something that happened yesterday or last week, but the memories will be with blue blanket and I will write them down or just leave them in my heart.

Me: What a lovely future you will have.

Hank: (smiling into his blanket) Good night, mama.

Me: Good night, Hank.


** Quote from Art, by Partick McDonnell