It took all those days to make today


Hank: Mama, I’m firsty.

Me:  Firsty?  What is firsty?

Hank: Um… Firsty is the kind of when you wanna… you wanna drink something.

Me: Oh, in English the word is TH-irsty. TH –TH- TH you put your tongue in front of your teeth to say it. Watch: Thirsty

Hank: (with effort) TH-irsty

Me: AHHHAHAH!!  Perfeito (perfect)!

Hank: (laughing through a hug) Are you proud of me?

Me: What does my face say?

Hank: It says, YES!

Me: That’s right!  You know, you couldn’t say thirsty when you were three and you couldn’t when you were four.  You could only say it now.  It took all those days to make today. (hand over a glass of water)

Hank: (yells while trotting off) Fanks, mama!


Marker Shock



Me: Um. Henrique José?  How did marker get on my rug?

Hank: Mama, I was just coming to get you.  I am terribly sorry, but while I was making a bed for my picture the marker broke through the paper and I didn’t see and then it got on the rug.  Two times.  Here and Here.

Me: (deep breath) Thank you for telling me you’re terribly sorry.  Why is it that you broke the lapis de cera (crayons) only on the rug rule this morning?

Hank:  Because I made a mistake.

Me: Yes.

Hank:  I cleaned all of the markers up and my drawings and was coming to get you so we can clean it together.  I am sorry.

Me: Thanks for being a part of my team, buddy.  Next time?

Hank: Lapis de cera sozino. (crayons alone)

Me: Let’s get to work.


When we were opening your package

happy lady


Hank: Tia Paula lives with the girl I love.

Me: Willow?

Hank:  Yes, but that is not her name.  What did I call her?

Me: Whoa-Whoa.

Hank:  Because I couldn’t say Willow then.

Me: Your mouth wasn’t ready to say Willow.

Hank: Yah.

Me: You know Willow no longer lives with Tia Paula.  She has her own house.

Hank: She is a lady now.

Me: Indeed.