A double wink


Me:  Hey Hank?  Would you like to go over to the café with me on a date?  Just you and me?

Hank:  What?  I am not an adulto (adult).

Me:  Even so, would you like to go for a piece of chocolate lava cake?

Hank: (all serious now) What?

Me:  Yup, I saw it there earlier and I knew you would love a slice. *wink

Hank:  What are you doing with your eye?

Me:  Oh, this is very important.  It is called a wink.  It is very smooth and impressive.  Watch me again and see if you can do it… *wink.

Hank: (attempts) Nope.  Can’t yet, but I can do a smooth double wink with two eyes at once.

Me: (getting coats) Fantastic. A simultaneous double wink is called a blink.

Hank:  That makes sense.


On my birthday


Me: How’s your head feeling, buddy?

Hank: Hurts.

Me:  You have to be growing.  You are so sleepy and your body is a bit achy.  Let me see those eyes.

Hank: They are drippy.

Me:  I may need to wash them.

Hank:  Do you know why that scares me so so so?

Me: Because there is this huge drip and it has to fall into your eye?

Hank: Yes! Like a raindrop that is itchy.

Me: The drops are itchy because it is Água do Mar (sea water).

Hank: Yes.  You know, if you drink too much Água do Mar (sea water) you will die.

Me: That is true.  Sea water makes you dehydrated.

Hank:  That means you don’t have enough water.

Me: Very good.  And that is why you die, because your body needs fresh water to survive.

Hank: Unless you’re uma sereia (a mermaid).

Me: Indeed.


The first week of Jardim de Infância (Kindergarten)

Hank:  (screaming) But I don’t want to go to school.  I don’t like school.  They make me do work and it is too hard.

Me: Now that isn’t true. You love school.  What is really making you sad?

Hank:  I am scared.

Me:  You are?  What happens?  How do you know?

Hank:  I get jumps in my mouth.

Me:  Oh it’s a case of the jumps?  Huh.  That is completely acceptable. You know adults call jumps, nerves.  You are nervous.  Nervous is your body’s way of telling you that you are a tiny bit scared and should be careful.  Every kid in you class gets the jumps.  Who in your class cries when their parents leave?

Hank:  Marta and Louis

Me:  Yup, they got a bad case of the jumps and that’s ok, but do they get better?  Do they stop crying and have fun?

Hank:  Yes

Me: So will you.

Hank:  But I don’t want to leave you.  I miss you at school.

Me:  Oh baby.  That’s good.  Missing me means you love me and I am always there to pick you up.  Now…  It is getting late and Pai is holding the elevator.

Hank:  But my jumps are really bad.

Me:  You know the best thing for jumps?  The best medicine?  Being brave. You get brave while walking to school.  I use to walk to school so I know this!  Focus only on the walk and the sky and the trees and the birds and the cars and the smells from the cafés.  When you do this you forget about your jumps and become brave. If you practice this every day soon you will have no more jumps.  Trust me.  I had jumps very bad when I was little and I practiced and practiced walking to school and my jumps went away and then I was very brave.

Hank: (sniff, sniff)

Me:  Some things take time and are not easy, but those are the best things we can do for ourselves. (kiss)

Hank:  (sniff, sniff)