Runs into my office in pajamas with a teapot full of found Ovos do Páscoa (Easter Eggs)


Hank:  MAMA!!! I have an idea.  How about you don’t work today, because it is Páscoa (Easter) and play with me instead?

Me: Wow!  I think that is a brilliant idea.

Hank: Thank you.  I thought it in my head to be creative.



She makes me brave


Me: “And the little house of Mother Cottontail can always be told now from the homes of the other bunnies.  Because in a special place on the wall, on a very special hook, hangs a pair of tiny little gold shoes.” ** The End.  I love that book.

Hank:  Me too.

Me:  Wanna know why I love it?

Hank: Because it is about Páscoa (Easter) and because it is special?

Me:  Yes, because it is special, not so much because of Easter, but because that little cottontail bunny has a dream and even though the other bunnies laugh at her, and even though she has a life and a family she makes her dream come true. And because she is brave, she makes me brave.  She inspires me to make all my dreams come true because she did, even with 21 babies.

Hank: She has a lot of babies!

Me: It’s a bunny thing.

** Excerpt from The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, by Du Bose Heyward


Coming into my office and catching me staring out the window


Hank:  Oh! You are in here.  I didn’t hear clicking (typing).

Me: Nope.

Hank:  And you are not drawing.

Me: No.

Hank:  What are you doing?

Me: Just sitting.

Hank: Porqure (why)?

Me: Because everyone needs to be still some times.

Hank:  Oh. (pause, fidgets then Hank climbs into my lap and we sit still together, watching the rain race down the windowpane.)