Sleeping Dragons

(Hank stomping and giggling in the doorway of my office)

Me: (giggle)

Hank: I was walking how a dragon walks.

Me: Show me. (getting up)


(we stomp)

Hank: They ROAR!

(we roar)

Hank: They CUT OUT FIRE!

Me:  I think you mean they spit out fire?


(we spit)

Me:  And they grant wishes.

Hank:  Yes.  Can we go to the castle today and feed the sleeping dragons?

Me: Of course.  Get a bucket. Let’s make a list.  What do dragons like to eat?

Hank: EU-co-lip-a-moose seeds.

Me:  (writing) Eucalyptus seeds and pine needles…

Hank: Pine cones and prickly things….

Me:  Sweetgum burs and white flowers, apple blossoms…

Hank: YES and stones!

Me: Wonderful, we will collect these things on the way. You also have to think of wishes and stories to whisper to the dragons, because when you share these things with a sleeping dragon they shape and change their dreams.  And when they wake up and find your snacks, they eat, then stretch and catch your sent on the wind.  Then they find you and help your wishes and dreams come true.

Hank: (bedecked in coat, hat and carrying a mop bucket half his size) How?  How do they help?

Me: By bringing you luck.

Hank: And luck is important.

Me: Indeed.


Hank:  Good morning, my mama!

Me: Good morning chicken. How was your sleep?

Hank:  Good.  OH and the dragons came.

Me: They did?

Hank: Yah, remember last night?  The wind?

Me: Yah, the wind was very very strong.  It rattled the windows and my bones.

Hank: That was the dragons.  They found me.

Me: (from a hug) Do you feel lucky?

Hank: Oh yes.