When we got home from school


Me:  Hank, please take off your shoes, feet in pantufas (slippers), but do not go into your bedroom until I call you.

Hank: Why?

Me: Because there is a surprise and I want to see your face.

Hank: Ok.

Me:  Ok Hank, you may come in.

(Hank walks into his room and is met with a bed filled with Crayola art supplies, most importantly 41 robin’s egg blue crayons, our favorite color.)

Hank: Oh my GOODNESS!  What!?!  Mama?

Me: Surpresa (surprise)!

Hank:  (literally hugging the gifts, smelling the crayons) Thank you, my Mama!!!

Me: I didn’t do this.

Pai: But you helped do this.

Hank: Who did?  Meagen Thompson?

Me: Haha! Nope, but she would totally do something like this.

Pai: Your mama sent an email asking to buy you just this color of crayon.

Hank: This is our favorite color!

Me: And a woman at Crayola, named Julie, sent you all of these things, because Art and Artists are important.

Hank: I am gonna make Julie a thank you picture, right now.

Me:  Me too!

Pai:  Me too, also.