(outside on a sunny day)

Hank:  Mama?  Whatchadoing?

Me:  See this moss growing here on the veranda?  I am collecting it and replanting it so that I can add moss to your play garden this spring.

Hank: Oh! I like that idea.  I think my playmobil would like to sit on this soft green moss.

Me:  That is what I thought.  Hey, wow…  look at this. Do you see this?

Hank: What, this hair?

Me: Yes.  Who has hair this color?

Hank: Me.

Me:  Who has hair this long?

Hank: You.

Me:  Moss collects bits and bobs the help give it structure and stability.  This moss has collected my hair.  See it is in it’s roots.  This moss has grown this winter in the damp and gray days.  My hair must have blown from our laundry and the moss has found a use for it.  Isn’t that cool?

Hank:  Yes.  And now I will use it for my imagination!

Me: Wow.

Hank:  Wow, too.


While walking, train style, down a narrow medieval sidewalk (Me: engine, Hank: boxcar, Pai: caboose) searching for a Japanese Restaurant


Hank: Hey Mama? I am gonna start calling you Santa Mama.

Pai: Why are you going to call mãe (mom) Santa Mama?

Me: (giggle) Really?

Hank: Because, mama made me my favorite present for Christmas. So she is like Santa.

Me: Which present?

Hank: O caixa do mar (the sea box).

Pai: That was a good present.

Me: Thank you, Hank.  I am so happy you like that present.  I loved making it.  It was so fun, but Santa doesn’t make the toys.

Hank:  He doesn’t?

Me: Nope.  He is more the boss.  He hears the wishes and dreams of children, because he is a fairy, and then he tells the elf union who works for him.

Pai: Elf Union…  Really?

Me: And the Elves make the gifts and then Santa delivers them.

Hank: Ok.  Then I will call you Elf Mama.

Me: I am totally fine with that.

Pai: Turn left up here, Mama Elf.