Me: (while zipping his coat) Hey, Hank.  May I ask you for some help?

Hank: Of course.

Me:  Each morning, before you leave for school, can you please give me something to draw?

Hank: Like a drawing?

Me: No, more…  Today, please draw an alligator or an aardvark.

Hank: Sure.  Ok.  Today, can you please draw a bird flying.

Me: OK! Thanks buddy.

Hank: (waiting for the elevator) Happy drawing, mama!


Maquilhagem (make-up)


Hank: Mama, you look different.

Me: It’s my new lipstick. Do you like it?

Hank: Can I smell it?

Me: Sure.

Hank: (getting close, then pulls back) But don’t kiss me it will leave a mark. (smells) You look beautiful.

Me: Thanks, buddy.

Hank: Why do ladies wear maquilhagem (make-up)?

Me: To make what is already beautiful brighter.  It is like when you color a picture I drew. The picture was already wonderful on it’s own, but when you add color it makes certain things stand out in a way they didn’t before.  That is why ladies wear make-up.

Hank:  And actors and dancers and rock stars, too.  Both boys and girl rock stars wear make-up.

Me: Yup…  On dudes it’s called guy-liner.  All worn for the same reason.

Hank: It is all art and drawing and nice.

Me: Totally annnnnnnd you better start running because I have the urge to leave some of this lipstick on your cheek.

Hank: NO!

Me:  When I catch you…  I’m gonna kiss you!

Hank: AHHH! NO!  (bolts with me fast on his trail)


A Tuesday Opera


This is not my life
This is very bad for me.
I should not skate – ate – ate into things.

This is gonna be so close – ose -ose
I can’t stay here
This is gonna hurt my heart – art – art.

It is not up to me.
It is suppose to be.

I must take control.
I need a place to hide.
Oh, ooooh, oh, oh