A Rainy Sunday Morning

Hank: Mama, Where is the ipad?  I would like to play games, please.

Me: (looking up from my book) Really?  Cause I think you should just keep it to imagination this morning, buddy.

Hank: But I don’t have any imagination.

Me: Is your imagination tank running empty?

Hank: Yes.

Me: And we’re stuck inside with the rain.

Hank: Yup.

Me:  Ok. First, please pick up all your cars and Playmobil, then come and get me and you can have the ipad.

(Fifteen minutes later… Still no Hank…  Thirty minutes later… I investigate.  Hank is in his room playing an elaborate city center, block buildings, traffic, Playmobil scenario.)

Hank:  Oh Hi, my mama.

Me: Looks like your imagination tank is full up again.

Hank: Yes, this trânsito (traffic) is stopped because this town is having a festa (festival) in this town and all the people want to see drumming.

Me: Cool it is a drumming festa? Like the Festa do Pinherio (Pine Tree Festival)?  Can I play?  I want to see the festa.

Hank:  Of course!