O Livro de Pantagruel

(We are discussing the infamous O Livro de Pantagruel, which is the bible of Portuguese cooking.  I would say it weighs 7lbs and has 1190 pages.)

Me: This cookbook is so large you could kill a rat with it.

Pai:  Mãe (mom)!

Me:  What? Well, it is true.

Hank: Or a bug.

Me:  Or a ladybug.

Hank:  Mama, we do not kill ladybugs.

Me:  Oh.

Hank:  They are a part de animais natureza (nature).

Me:  But we kill moscas (flies) and they are from the natural world.

Hank:  Yes, but moscas (flies) are chatas (annoying).

Pai: Well, there you have it.

Hank:  (inspecting the book) It’s true mama you could say come here mouse and then -SLAM- shut this book and he’d be dead

Me:  Or if a ladrão (burglar) broke into this house we could pick this up and WHACK, send him to jail.

Pai: Or we could use it to make tarte de maracuja (Passion fruit tart).

Me: Or that.

Hank:  Books are my favorite thing.