Greve (Strike)

Hank: What is all this music?

Me: Today is a general strike.  Uma greve geral.  Do you know that a strike is?

Hank: No.

Me: A strike is when a group of people take a day or a period of time from working to gather to say what they need, what they want and what it will take to make these things happen.  It is a time when people speak to politicians and to each other, sing important songs and come together as a community and as a country.  It is our right.

Hank: Oh so people say (singing): OH Portugal! Here are the things I need.

Me: Not I: we.  Here are the things we need.

Hank: That is a good idea, mama.

Me:  Indeed.




Me: You know in Portugal you can marry whomever you want.  Doesn’t matter.

Hank: You love who you love.

Me: (smiling) That’s right.  Well in America, because it is soooooo big and because opinions very it depends on what state you live in if you can get married.

Hank:  America is very big.

Me: Yes.  And this summer when we are traveling we have to drive all the way to Washington, DC because that is a place where your cousins Jamie and Sarah can get married.

Hank: Oh.

Me: Today, in California they changed some things around and said that yes, indeed anyone can get married and that makes me very happy. What do you think of that?!?

Hank:  When we are in America and driving to…

Me: Washington, DC?

Hank:  Washington, DC.  Will I sit in the back middle seat of the car or the back side seat, because it is very important that I get to see the radio.


Dr. Gadjet


Hank: Mama! Today at school we watched the best cartoon.  It was called Doctor Gadjet and it was about a man who was also um robô (a robot) and his neck would stretch and his fingers turned into a phone and he a Gadjet Car.

Me: And a sobrinha (neice) named Penny and a dog named Brain and a Chief who was always getting blown up by messages and assignments.

Hank: (impressed) Yes!  Have you seen this?

Me: Seen it?  HA! Inspector Gadget was my favorite cartoon growing up.  It was on Saturday mornings and I use to get all the neighborhood kids together to play pretend Inspector Gadget.

Pai: And who were you in the game?

Me: Penny, of course.

Hank:  Can we check Youtube to see if they have Indspecter Gadjet?

Me: Yes! But first we need popcorn! MAN, I cannot wait!

Hank: And then can we play Indspecter Gadjet?

Pai:  I want to be Brain.

Hank: Perfect and I will be Indspecter Gadjet and Mama…

Me: (from the kitchen, pouring popcorn into a pan) Penny! I am always Penny!