Ferias (vacation)


Hank: When I go to America I am going to get lots of stamps.

Me: You will get one stamp in America and one stamp when we return to Portugal.

Hank: Oh! (pause) I love my passport. It is a favorite thing.

Me: (smiling)


It is ferias (vacation) for Hank and I (Pai is staying home for science).  For the next four weeks we will be running around the Midwest of America and hugging people we miss, very much, everyday.  While we are away there will be no new conversations, BUT if you take a minute to like our facebook page you can join in our Best of the Best Convos Rerun Series, brimming with belly laughs!


Boas ferias (good vacation) to you all and we will return to all new convos August 20th!

All the best,

Joy and Hank


Secret Lemonade


Me: Whatcha doing?

Hank: Making lemonade with Papa.

Me: That’s a good idea!

Hank:  Mama, there are two secrets to this lemonade.

Me: Oh?

Hank: Do you want to know what it is?  I will tell you.

Me: Yes, please.

Hank: The first secret is açúcar mascavado (brown sugar) and another is (looking both ways to see if anyone is coming)…

Me: (whispers) Yes?

Hank: um…  MINT!  I almost forgot the segredo segundo (second secret).

Me: I think I will love secret lemonade.

Hank: Oh I know you will!


Hank’s Secret Lemonade:

six lemons strait from the tree

four packed serving spoons of brown sugar

one small sprig of mint

Juice six lemons.  It helps if you have an eager five year old to do this. Grab a pitcher and a huge serving spoon for the sugar and stirring.  Mix the lemon juice with the sugar at the bottom of the pitcher as if you were five and it was the most fun ever.  Then drop in the mint and bash it about to let go of its oils.  Then add ice and give the whole thing a twirl.  The fill the pitcher up with water.  Stir until you can’t stand it anymore.  Then drink.



A surprise


Me: I had a surprise today.

Hank: What was is?

Me: A very good friend of your Papa and I is going to be in Indiana when we are.  She lives in Texas.

Hank:  Where Teigan lives?

Me: Yes, but not in the same town.  Her name is Julie.

Hank: Well, that is a pretty name.

Me: I think so too and her filho (son) Alex will be there.  He was born really early and had to stay in an incubator.  Do you know what an incubator is?

Hank: Yes.  It is a box that you keep next to the vagina and when the baby is born it lives in there next to the mommy.

Me: Well you are totally right about the box, but it doesn’t stay next to the vagina.  That would be a bit awkward, but instead it is kept in the hospital.  And Alex lived in that incubator while he finished growing.  And I have been waiting to hug him since he was born.

Hank: Oh, me too!