While Learning about Greek Gods


Hank: Mommy, I was thinking.  God doesn’t exist anymore.

Me:  Do you think so?

Hank: I don’t know.

Me: Do you want to know what I think?

Hank:  Yes.

Me:  I think that god is inside all of us.  I think we all hold the power to do the best we can for ourselves and the world and if we really listen… listen specially hard to what is inside we will find that god is in there (pointing to his heart) taking this journey with us.

Hank:  Oh.  I think that is a true thing.  (pause) Mommy, I don’t think Jesus exists anymore.

Me:  Jesus died a long time ago.  He died when these Greek buildings were still new.  He was a great teacher, just like the Buddha and Muhammad and his teaching have helped so many, many people live the best life they can and in that way Jesus has never stopped existing.

Hank:  And we are made of stars.

Me:  The earth and all that is in it is made of stardust. Including you and I.

Hank:  This makes me feel great.

Me: Me too.


An After-Dinner Walk


Me: I love this hand in my hand.

Hank:  It’s me!

Me: Your hand fits perfectly in my hand and someday when you are bigger then me my hand will fit perfectly in yours

Hank: Pai, did you see how much I grow’d?

Pai: Yup.

Me:  You will be taller then me someday soon, which is not saying much, as I am very small, but my family is tall.  Did you see your Tios (uncles) in America: Jesse, George, Harry…  My family is very tall and your papa is tall, too.

Hank:  And Brooke and Mike they are very tall.

Me:  Indeed, but Brooke and Mike are family of our hearts we do not share ancestors so their tallness will not affect you.

Hank:  Papa, have your met Brooke and Mike?

Pai: Nope, but I hope to.

Hank:  Mike is fun and has the best car.  It has a computer where you can watch the car working.

Me: A Prius.

Pai: Oh.

Hank: And Brooke is so beautiful and her pepperoni pizza is the best I ever had, but you have to be careful of water in her house.

Pai: Why?

Me:  (giggling) Hank accidentally took a sip of Brooke’s cocktail thinking it was water.  He didn’t swallow it, but man you should have seen his face.

Hank: (laughing) It burned me so much and Brooke screamed, not at me, she was scared.

Pai: So what did you think of the cocktail?

Hank:  Fire.  My mouth was on fire. I like 7up much better.

Me: Truth.


Existential Hank


Me: Ok Mister, time for bedforshire.

Hank: Oh mom.  I don’t know what to do.

Me: Need some help?

Hank:  I am just so sad.  I don’t know why we exist.  Why porches exist.  Why this house exists. Blah, blah, blah.  It is heavy on me.

Me:  Wow.  (eyebrows raised) Well buddy, you are not alone in that.  That has been a question of man since we started existing. Something that helps me is to think of it this way:  Everything in nature has a job.  Bees collect pollen, cross-pollinate keeping plants alive and reproducing and then make honey.  Birds spread seeds and scavenge. Deer clean the forest…

Hank:  How do they do that?

Me:  Deer eat the new growth of trees and tend older trees.  Without the deer the forest wouldn’t thrive, but with too many deer they would strip the forest bare.  That is why there are wolves to eat the deer.

Hank: And it is the deer’s job to run away.

Me: Yup, but sometimes the deer get caught and that is life. And this…  This is what humans do.

Hank: What?

Me:  Humans keep the stories.  We keep the knowledge.  We are the storytellers.

Hank:  OH.

Me: We build and write and draw and dance and sing and laugh and love so that we carry the knowledge of this planet on and on and on.

Hank: (thinking) Is that really true?

Me: True as I know it to be. Good night, Mister Hank.

Hank: Good night. (after I turn out the light.  when I am leaving the room.) Story mommy.