Me: Can you help me on the walk home? I need some leaves.

Hank: OH yes, and this weekend I need to collect some leaves for school, too.

Me: Perfect.  This will be practice.

Hank: Why do you need leafs, mama?

Me: Leaves?

Hank: Leaves.

Me:  I’m drawing leaves at the moment.

Hank:  Oh.  I thought you were collecting a collection.

Me: Not at the moment.  Are you collecting any collections?

Hank: Not at a moment, but I want to. Do you have any collections?

Me:  When I was your age I would collect an orange and black caterpillar every year and name her Sally. I use to have a collection of Sock Monkeys, but I sold them along with everything else when we moved to Portugal.  I have my grandmother’s collection of lençois (handkerchiefs).  I like to collect sea glass when we go to the beach, but the sea glass never seems to make it home with me…

Hank: Maybe I will collect feathers.  I love feathers.

Me: That is a great idea, but not that particular feather, please.  That feather is very dirty. You should collect clean feathers.  I will put a zip-lock bag in you backpack for your collecting.

Hank: You know, formigas (ants) use feathers as blankets when they sleep.

Me: Really?

Hank: Oh, yes.  It is a true thing.