The Broken Kindle of 2012


(after school cafe conversation)

Me: (after a long soda sip) Oh!  I never finished telling you the story about your papa loosing his glasses on the street.

Hank: Oh! I wanna hear that one.

Me: So your papa was taking a long morning walk with Seamus (our dog) and it was kind raining.  The kind of misty rain that only leaves teeny-tiny drops, and is gray and makes glasses very hard to see from…

Hank: I have to interrupt and tell you a secret.

Me: By all means, you have the floor.

Hank: I broke your kindle.

Me: (trying to stay calm) What?

Hank:  Not your black one.  The white one.  I broke it and didn’t tell you.  It was my first lie.

Me: (pause) Actually, your first lie was when you told me you were sick when you were three and said you couldn’t go to school and you looked sick and so I believed you and then as soon as I got you all tucked in bed you JUMPED UP and sang and danced: “Ta Dah!  I am all better.  I just kidding.  I not sick.”

Hank: I did?

Me: Yup.

Hank: When I broke your kindle I just wanted to see the imagem (image) on the front and holding it scared me and I dropped it.  I am sorry.

Me: I thought it was an elf or a chicken, but I had a feeling it may have also been you.  I am not mad.  Thank you for telling me.   Accidents happen.

Hank: Can you finish the papa story now?

Me: Oh yah! So anyway…



Me: (gasp)

Pai: (running into the room) Don’t say a word.

Me: I take it you have seen this.

Pai: Keep it cool, Hanford. Do not make a big deal out of this.

Me: Hank! I found this drawing in your bag.

Hank: My friend Clara made it for me.

Me: Ok. I will put it in your letter box.

Hank: That is a good idea.

Pai: Well played.

Me: (leaving the room to hysterically laugh and maybe cry a bit) IT HAS BEGUN!

Letter Reads: Henrique, I love you.


On the walk home


Hank:  Mama, what would we look like without bones?

Me: Puddles of puss and goo.

Hank: No, what would we look like?

Me: Gak.

Hank: Mama! Be serious.

Me: Oh, sorry.  Are you asking for a boneless reference?

Hank: Yes.

Me: Octopus.

Hank: Oh.

Me: An Octopus is a cephalopod.  Meaning it has no skeleton.

Hank: (pause) Mama, does the ocean have gravity?

Me: Excellent question.  Yes, the ocean has gravity.  It has to have gravity to stick to the earth.   Remember the space station video where the astronaut spilled water and it formed into little water spheres and bounced about the room?  That is water without gravity.  But you feel different in water then you do, right now, on the street, don’t you?

Hank: Yes. That is my question.

Me:  It is because the water is all around you.  Lifting you up.  It surrounds and supports you, which is why the octopus lives there.  He needs that structure and in the sea he is strong and powerful, but on land…  Not so much.

Hank: Is water alive?

Me: Not like you and me.  The sea does not dream or have cousins, but without water every living thing on earth would die. We are alive because of water.

Hank: Ok.  Can we go to the café for uma bolacha (a cookie)?

Me: Absolutely.  Race you.

Hank: (giggling fast on my heals)