The sea and a broken heart

(I lost a dear friend too soon. In grief we ran to the sea)

Me: (tucking Hank into bed) Did you like the beach?

Hank:  I love the beach.  Did the beach help your heart?

Me: The sea always helps me heal.  Thank you for asking.

Hank:  We can go again?

Me: Again and again and again.  What was your favorite part?

Hank: I loved the rocks and the pools.  They were so smooth and perfect for my truck.

Me: You were really using your imagination, like a champ!

Hank: And then I played and played and then I peed in my fato de banho (bathing suit).

Me: You did?  When?

Hank: Remember, that pool in the rocks that came up to my barriga (stomach)?  Well I was swimming and playing and then I was peeing, but it is ok.  It is the ocean.

Me: Well, I am very happy you chose a tide pool that didn’t have any fish.  Imagine if you were a fish, minding your own business, when all of a sudden…  (tasting sounds)

Hank: (rolling belly laughs)

Me: The WHOLE POOL tastes like Hank pee!

Hank: (hysterical laughter)

Me: But then if the fish were in the pool they would also be peeing so then it would be a mix of Hank and fish pee. And then think of the poor mollusks and barnacles! Completely enveloped by urine.  And what if someone had an allergy?

Hank: (positively purple with laughter)

Me: Don’t you think about these things?  I think about these things.  I know all the barnacles were probably wondering what was that new taste in the tide pool: O sabor do Henrique (the flavor of Hank).

Hank: Oh mama.  That is so funny.

Me: (laughing and needing so badly to laugh and then crying)

Hank: Is it your heart? Do you need a hug?

Me: (nodding)

Hank:  (from a hug) I will ask papa.  You will need the sea again tomorrow.  It is medicine.

Me: (nodding)