Chocolate Chip Cookies


Hank: Mama, I was wishing just now for chocolate chip cookies.

Me: (thinking)

Hank: Mama?

Me: Yes, we can do that. I have all the ingredients: flour, sugar: brown and white, eggs, butter, baking soda, vanilla, chocolate and a hammer.

Hank: A hammer? Um martelo?

Me: (walking to the kitchen) Exactly.

Hank: Why do we need a hammer to make cookies? Are you being silly?

Me: In America there is a very smart man named Hersey and he started selling these little drips of chocolate called “chips.” They are sold in the supermarcado (supermarket).  We don’t have Hersey’s chocolate in Portugal, but we have some of the best chocolate in the world so we have to make our own chips. (brandishing a hammer)

Hank: Do I get to make the chips?

Me: (wrapping a dark chocolate bar in a tea towel) Youbetcha.

Hank: I love cooking.

Me: Me, too.