Happy Halloween


Hank: Tomorrow is Halloween!

Me: Yes it is!  Do you think anyone at your school will dress up?

Hank: Yes.  Everyone.

Me: What?

Hank: (mouth full) Um Hum (nodding).

Me: But you didn’t have Halloween last year.

Pai: Yes, but last year Hank was in Jardim (kindergarten).

Hank: This year everyone is dressing up like Carnival.

Pai: And how long did you know you were supposed to dress up for Halloween?

Hank: (shrug, chewing)

Me: I knew this day would come. Today is the day where you tell me you need to be a tomato by tomorrow in a school play I have never even heard of and I am already in bed with my curlers and cold cream mask.

Pai: What are you talking about?

Me: Erma Bombeck?  It’s an American thing.  Regardless, thanks to the amazingness of your Tia Paula we are totally prepared in the event of this emergency. Hold on…

Hank: I can just be a Vampiro (vampire) like everyone else.

Me: Or you can call ground control and be all like, “Hey, this is Major Tom!” (holding awesome orange Nasa jumpsuit)

Pai: Ooooh!  Cool.

Hank: Oh! Can we make me a helmet?

Me: Here I save the day and we are right back to the tomato again.

Pai: I will check if the drogaria (hardware store) downstairs is still open.