Leaving the Airport


Me:  Hank, what was your favorite part of the trip?

Hank: John and Madeleine!

Pai: That was everyone’s favorite part.

Me: What was your second favorite part?

Hank: (thinking)

Me: Mine was seeing Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and, of course, the cave at Pech Merle. Did you think the world looked like that underneath, Hank?

Hank: Yes!  I did.  And I would be as brave as the kids who found the drawings.  I would if I saw a cave.

Pai: You can be brave like that as long as you are never alone and you always tell us where you are going.

Me: And you Papa?

Pai: The cave, the food, La Roque Gagneac… Just being there, everything was my favorite.

Me: And the market at Sarlat!

Hank: The chocolate place! And our snails!

Me: Oh yes, Clarence, Terrance, and Francis!  They were lovely friends, so wonderful of them to stop over to play with us, and they were also traveling.

Hank: Practically the whole figueira (fig tree)!

Me: Indeed.

Pai: We missed a bunch of things.

Me: Like Josephine Baker’s Castle!!! That can only mean one thing…

Hank: What?

Pai: We will have to go back.

Hank: That is my wish.


A mini-break!


Hank: So, tomorrow, you are going to pick me up after my first snack.

Me: Correct.

Hank: And we are not taking a taxi or the bus?

Me: No, we will park our car at the airport.

Hank: Oh! So we are doing Ballet parking.

Me: Yes.  They come out dressed in tutus and toe shoes and preform an excerpt of Swan Lake while parking the car.


Me: You are certainly from the North** now…  Valet.  V- V- Valet parking not B- B- Ballet parking.

Hank: (giggling)


**People in the north of Portugal say the B sound instead of V




Me: Alfredo, is there a University in Maine that we discussed?

Pai: What?

Me: Maine.  Lobster Rolls? People who say, “ah-yah?”  Puffins?  Did we have a conversations about a job in Maine?

Pai: Are you crazy?  I would freeze in Maine.

Me: Must have been a dream then.

Hank: I don’t dream.

Me:  Really?  I am a big dreamer.  I love to dream.

Hank: Sometimes when I am sleeping I see a story in my head and I can watch it.

Pai: Hank, that is a dream.

Hank: Once I saw that I was taking a shower and the bathtub was full of birds.

Me: What!?

Hank: Yes!  I was a little afraid that some would pica (bite) me.

Me: Were they little birds or big birds?

Hank: Little birds.

Me: Were the birds doing the splashy rain dance that birds do to get clean?

Hank: Yes.

Me: Wow, what a great dream.

Hank: Another time I saw in my head that I was surrounded by vampires and bats and that was when I woke up with my nosebleed.

Pai: Were they sparkly?

Me: Yikes.

Hank: Was that a pesadelo?

Me: What is a pesadelo?

Pai: A nightmare.

Me: Nightmares make you terrified.  Were you terrified?

Hank: Um.  I don’t remember because the real blood was more scary when I woke up.

Me: No doubt.