At the dinner table

Me: (taking while yawing) Oh… SO… very… tired. It is taking oh, so, very long for this dinner to transition to sobremesa (dessert) that I think I will just close my eyes and take a nap.

Pai: Hank takes a very long time to eat.

Hank: It’s just my brain is so full of questions and I always want to ask them at dinner and the asking takes time and I forget to chew.

Pai: We love your questions and never want you to stop asking them, but we would also like a little more chewing while we deliver the answers.

Me: (snoring)


Cupcake Conundrum


Hank: Mama, what happens when you flush a cupcake down the toilet?

Me: (hysterical) What? (recovering) Well, most certainly, we would never waste cake. But hypothetically…  Do you know what hypothetically means?

Hank: Nope.

Me: It means “lets pretend.”  Hypothetically, lets say that you were eating a cupcake in the bathroom standing over the toilet and someone ran in and screamed, KOWABUNGA, scaring you so much that you dropped your cupcake into the toilet.  If you flushed it, it would cause the toilet to backup and water and filth to overflow all over the floor.

Hank: Ick.

Me: Exactly.  The frosting would not be a major concern.  If only the frosting of a cup cake fell into the toilet you could theoretically flush it because frosting would melt in water.  Do you know what theoretically means?

Hank: Nope.

Me: It means, “based on everything else we know to be true we can assume.”  BUT the main issue is the cake wrapped in paper.  That would be the deal breaker with flushing a cupcake down the toilet.

Hank: Mama, can we make cupcakes?

Me: Only if you do not plan on testing the cupcake-toilet-stopping-upping theory.

Hank: No, I got my answer, but all this talk of cupcakes means I have to eat one and soon.


Looking at real estate advertisements


Hank: Mama, lets pick a house!

Me: OK! (walking over to the real estate window) Which one, buddy?

Hank: I like this kitchen.

Me: Oh, this one is down the street, across from our neighbor’s grocery.

Hank: The one that is the same as when life use to be?

Me: Yup.

Hank: What about this one?

Me: Oh that one is perfect.  It is a small quinta (farm).  It has fruit trees, figs and grapes, a wisteria tunnel, and water, but no house.

Hank: That’s ok!  We can call the Noodle Papa and he can help us make a house like his.

Me: That is a great idea.  There are three other Noodles that you have not met and they all work to make houses too!

Hank:  That is my wish.  You know mama, When we were at the Noodles I sneaked upstairs and it was even cooler then downstairs.

Me: That was good sneaking buddy.  I love Saturday morning daydreaming.

Hank: Me too, but especially with pastry…

Me: Is this a hint.

Hank: Look over there, Mama.  It’s the blue café. It is calling to me.

Me: Of course!  Then we have to go and we can design our Noodle house on napkins.

Hank: Yes!