Sitting down to dinner


Me: Whats the haps boys?

Pai: Hank is still having his homework allergy.

Hank: Allergy?

Pai: You give up before you start.  You act as if you are allergic to homework and this is only the beginning.

Me: (mouth full) Hold on.

Hank: Where are you going?

Me: (returning with a visual aid) Hank, I think you have forgotten something.  This is a drawing you did when you were three.

Hank: What?

Me: Yup.

Hank: Oh yes, I remember.  I didn’t know how to make faces, bodies, houses, cars, rainbows, clouds…

Me: Nope.  And this is a drawing you did today. It took all the days between this drawing to this new drawing to be able to make it.  It took time to learn.  Only for you drawing is something you love so it is easier for you to invest the time.  Reading and writing will also take time, but if you change your attitude it will become as fun as drawing.

Pai: Good point!  You know, Hank? I don’t like to draw.  If you asked me to sit and draw you something it would make me nervous and frustrated, too.

Hank: I have an idea.  How about before my homework I draw a picture.  I can get out my sketchbook from Sarabeth Noodle and draw and then I can do my homework.  Drawing makes me so happy and I can help you learn to draw Papa and then you can help me with my homework.

Pai: We can do that.  I would like that.  You help me then I will help you.

Me: (crying into my pasta)

Hank: Mama!

Me: Don’t mind me.

Pai: We love you too, Mama.