Tucking Him In


Me: So, what did you think of my favorite Christmas Movie, Elf?

Hank:  I didn’t think I would like it more than Home Alone, but I laughed so hard and forever!  For the whole MOVIE! That is my favorite movie now, but I am a little sad, too.

Me: How so?

Hank: (shy) I don’t know…

Me: I think you might, but you have to tell me.  I cannot read your mind.

Hank: (pause) I am sad that Santa doesn’t come to our house.

Me: Oh, I see.  You know, when I wrote that letter to Santa when you were born saying that I would handle Christmas and he could spend a little extra time with a kid who really needed some magic, I never thought that my magic wouldn’t be enough.  I really do love making Christmas for you and Santa came last year when we were in London as he was already coming to visit your Prima (cousin) Daniela.

Hank: I know. (thinking) Mama, How long? How long is Santa at your house?

Me: On average: blink.

Hank: What?

Me: Blink your eyes.

Hank: (blinks)

Me: That long.

Hank: Really?

Me: Yup.  Magic.  But because of kids like you, offering to let Santa skip their house for kids who need extra magic, he can stay a bit longer and that is how you have Santa sightings and stories like T’was the Night Before Christmas and people like Buddy Elf and songs like I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, although that one is a bit more complicated. YOU are helping kids like Buddy Elf who desperately need magic and love.  That is a big deal.

Hank:(thinking) Buddy Elf didn’t have parents did he? He lived in that place with all the caminhas (cribs).

Me: Yup.  An Orphanage.

Hank: Oh… But it still is a little hard.

Me: I get that, helping people is  not always easy, but I promise to make as much magic this year as I can.  And I love making magic for you.  It is my favorite thing, so to be honest I am being a little selfish. If you really want I can write to Santa and tell him to stop by.

Hank: (yawing) No, That’s ok.  I’m ok now.  But can we go to the store and get one of those things where you open the door and there is chocolate every day?

Me: An advent calendar?

Hank: Yes, please.  I am thinking I’ve never had one of those before.

Me: Sure, darlin’.

Hank: Night mama, love yah. Chocolate will make me feel better, I think.

Me: Oh yah.  Chocolate is medicinal.