Yet More Santa Stress



Hank: Mama.  I have a problem.

Me: Luckily, I have an associates degree in problem solving.  Whats up?

Hank:  We have to write letters to Santa and tell him what we want him to bring us and I don’t want to confuse Santa.  He doesn’t come to our house.

Me: I remember you also had to do this last year and we asked your teacher just to not mail YOUR letter. I will write your teacher a note.

Hank: Yes, BUT this year one of Santa’s helper men who wear the same uniform of Pai Natal (Santa) is coming to the school and we are suppose to hang up our letters on the wall and he is going to read them and take the message to Santa.

Me: Well, that is cool, we just have to think of a solution.  (thinking)

Hank: We are to take the catalog of toys from the Supermercado (supermarket) to school and then cut out a picture for our letter.

Me: OK.  I know what to do.  We will practice writing this frase (phrase). O Pai Natal, por favor, estes são os brinquedos eu quero para outras crianças.  (Santa, please, these are the toys I want for other kids.)

Hank: (mulling it over) Yup.  That will work. Can I keep the paper in my pocket?  That is a long frase (phrase).

Me: Absolutely.

Hank: Thank you, mama.

Me: Thank you, buddy.

Hank: (leaving, but then turning around) Mommy, how do you get on the Naughty List?

Me: Bad behavior, ugly thoughts and words, selfishness, but trust me buddy, you will never make the naughty list.

Hank: What list am I on?

Me: The Nice List.

Hank: Oh, good.