On our way out the door

Coloring Page: Illustrated by me, colored by Hank


Hank: Mama, what is O Espírito de Natal?

Me: The Christmas spirit?  Oh, I like this story. Did you know, once a long time ago, when life used to be there was a man.  A real man and he lived in Greece.  His name was Nikolas and he was very wealthy.  Unlike most people he was very giving and was known to sneak coins into peoples shoes and he was especially fond of making children feel special and important.  Making someone feel special is the most powerful magic in the world.  So over time, and with all his giving people decided to make him into a fairy story and started calling him, and this is my favorite bit, Nikolas the Wondermaker.

Hank: Really?

Me: So I’ve been told and over time his story and magic traveled all over the world and he was given many, many different names and filled the world with O Espírito de Natal, The Christmas spirit, and that is why we have so much magic and giving around the holidays.  Because of one man and his special heart.

Hank: (thinking) So this man is Pai Natal (Santa).

Me: Nope.  This man died a very long time ago.  This man’s magic became Pai Natal (Santa).

Hank: Oh! Can we read more about him when I get home from school?

Me: I’d love to.