Aralee Louise

Me: (screaming excited nonsense)

Pai: WHAT! What is it!

Me: Laurel is in LABOR!!!

Hank: Is she ok?

Pai: Labor means that Laurel is having her baby.

Hank: Really?

Me: We need to light a candle! (getting up)

Hank: (following me) Mama, why do you always light candles for babies?  You had a candle for Sam’s sister and that baby in California.  Is it because it will be the baby’s birthday?

Me: Good Idea there, buddy.  I light candles when I want to honor someone. Some people pray, some people sing, some people take offerings to temples, light incense… I light candles and send all of my love to that person.  I fill my heart with happiness and let the light carry it across the sea. (striking a match)

Hank: Like when we go to a church?  You always let me put coins in the box and light candles.  I think of who is in my heart.

Me: Exactly.

Hank: Can we have cake when the baby comes, because it is a birthday?

Pai: Excellent idea!

Hank: Chocolate cake?

Me: (staring at instant message) SHE IS IN THE WATERTUB!!!

Pai: (whispering) Love now, cake later.