Missing Playmobil


Hank: Mama, I just learned on the Internet that if you lose a piece of Playmobil you can write to the Playmobil factory and they will send you a new piece.

Me: (from behind my book) OR you can simply ask the fairy that snatched it to bring it back.

Hank: What?

Me:  It is common knowledge that fairy hands and Playmobil hands are the exact same size.  Therefore fairies are extremely tempted when they see a stray Playmobil, Lego or Sylvanian Family piece to snatch it up and take it home.  A Playmobil coffee cup is a prized commodity on the Fairy Black Market.  Sure acorn caps and seed casings work perfectly well, but for fairy brew nothing sits better in the hand.  Legos patch walls and keep the wind out and don’t get me started on Sylvanian Family things, every fairy bride wishes for their own set of fine resin china.  This is why it is so important to keep track of your things.  It is not the broom you need to be worried about, but the hands of the fae.

Hank: That makes total sense, but still, if I lose too many things to the sneaky snitching fairies we can get new ones from the factory.

Me: You better save your pennies then.  I only buy toys once.  If you need replacements it is your responsibility.  (continues reading)

Hank: That is fine.  That is perfectly fair and fine.  (scuttles off)