Hank: OH!! I am not suppose to go to school tomorrow if I have somewhere to go.

Me: (bagging oranges) Come again?

Hank: I am not supposed to go to school.  My teacher will not be there tomorrow.  She has exames (exams) and she will not be at school, so if I can stay with you then I am suppose to stay at home, but if you are very busy I can go to school.

Me: When did you learn this?

Hank: Na Sexta-feira (On Friday).

Me: Today is Sunday.

Hank: Is that Domingo (Sunday)?

Me: Yes, why didn’t you tell me on Friday?

Hank: (thinking) I forgot.  I just remembered looking at the oranges because oranges make you healthy and my teacher has to go to the medicos (doctors) because her heath isn’t good.

Me: Why didn’t your teacher send a note home?

Hank: Because she said it was our responsabilidade (responsibility) to tell you ourself.

Me: Impressive and true! I hate that you teacher isn’t feeling well.  You can of course stay with me and then Tuesday is your school party for Natal (Christmas).  Then FARIAS (holidays)!


Me: Truly! (Pai returns with milk) Now fill your papa in while I go to the caixa (register).

Hank: Papa!  I forgot to tell you about my responsabilidade (responsibility)!