Pai: Everyone come outside, right now!  There is a surprise!

Me: Is the falcon back?

Hank: What is it?

(going out on the veranda)

Pai: Look!

Me: SNOW!!!

Hank: SNOW!!!

Me: Oh my goodness!  SNOW!  This NEVER happens!  Look at it sparkle! Do you see how the light catches it, Hank?

Hank: It is so beautiful!  But HOW did it happen?

Me: Magic!

Pai: It was so cold in the night that when the clouds let go of some water instead of rain it froze and became snow.  And since it is morning and the sun hasn’t hit this part of the veranda it stayed long enough for us to see it.

Me: And Jack Frost came by and thought…  Huh, It doesn’t snow in Portugal.  I need to leave some of this for Hank and his family to see.

Hank: (blowing air so he can see his breath) Who is Jack Frost?

Me: He is a very famous fairy.  He is responsible for making the tip of your nose cold.  That is how you know he is around.

Hank: I wish I could make a snowman.

Me: Me, too.  I am proficient at snow man building, but alas, this is not enough snow. This is just a dusting.

Hank: Like Frosting!

Me: Exactly!  One day we will take you to Switzerland for snow.

Pai: Hank, we gotta head off to school.

Hank: Quick, Pai!  Maybe there is snow at school!

Me: (staying behind to enjoy the magic.)




At Dinnner


Me: OH! I almost forgot.  What are we doing January 24th-28th?

Pai: Nothing special.

Me: GOOD! Because Rachel is coming to VISIT!!!! (dancing)

Pai: Wonderful.

Hank: Who is Rachel?

Me: One of my oldest friends.  She lives in Turkey.


Me: Yes, there is a country called Turkey, but it has nothing to do with the turkey you eat as they don’t speak English there.  They speak Turkish.  It is like how Coco is a name in America, but in Portugal a word with almost the exact same sound means…

Hank: POOP!

Pai: It is only fitting that there is a country called Turkey as there is also a country in South America called Peru.  (peru is the Portuguese word for turkey)

Me: Bwaahahahahahaha! I never put that together before. It’s all about balance.

Hank: (thinking) OH, peru (turkey)! I just undertanded.  I was still thinking in English.  (snickers) Funny!




Me: Not everyone celebrates Christmas. There is Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights that Yofi, Lucy and Silvie celebrate.  Christians choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  The world is full of many religions and each religion has amazing teachers that help and guide.

Hank: I know stories of Jesus.  I know he died and has a last supper.

Me: Jesus was a great teacher. You know when he died he was about my age.  It was not easy for him, but he taught many wonderful lessons about love, compassion and sacrifice.

Hank: But he is not your teacher.

Me: I like to think I have the privilege of learning from many teachers.  Jesus was my teacher growing up and he is your Grammy and Grandpa Snitch’s teacher.  When I got older I learned about the Buddha and I find his teachings help me tremendously.

Hank: Do I have a teacher?

Me: Your papa and I believe you need to find your own teacher. Simply ask and we will help you learn.

Hank: (thinking) I would like to know more about your teacher.

Me: Sure.  I would love to help you learn more.  And when you are with your Grammy and Grandpa Snitch you can ask them about Jesus. And when you are with Auntie Emmie you can ask her about Judaism and go to synagogue with Yofie, Lucy and Sylvie. And we can lean about Mohammad and Confucius and their are religions about the earth and nature…

Hank: Pai, who is your teacher?

Pai: I don’t have one.

Hank: That is ok.  When you are ready we can help you find one.