Record Player


Me: How was your day?

Hank: Super good.  We went to a play at Pai’s Universidade (Dad’s University) and it was great.  There were all these statues, but they weren’t really statues they were people.  And when they were speaking they were people, but when they were not speaking they were  statues and they were really good at being statues.  And then there was a magician lady and she was great.  Mariama said she wasn’t really magic, but I told her that magic is real if you believe it is and I believe in magic and if she wants to not believe in it that is fine too.

Me: Wow.  What a special day!

Hank: It was one of my best and then we also had gymnastics. How was your day?

Me: Oh, it was good.  I painted a ball of yarn and then I painted a record player.  Do you know what a record player is?

Hank: Yes, I do.  A record player is a box that you put a DVD on top.  Only it is  um DVD antigo (an antique DVD)  and when life use to be DVDs were very big and black and could melt if you left them in the car.



*guest artist: Me


Homework pause


Hank: Mama, I only have two frases (phrases) left to my homework and I have been thinking.

Me: (looking up from my book) Hum?

Hank: Do you ever think about being a fish?

Me: All. The. Time.

Hank: (whispers) Me, too.

Me: I would love being a fish in the sea, or a lake or even in an aquarium.

Hank: I would be a fish and you would be my fish mama.

Me: And we would talk like this: (making a fish face).

Hank: (walking back to the table to his homework) I knew you would know exactly what I was thinking.




Hank: Mama?

Me: In my office!

Hank: May I come in?

Me: Sure.

Hank: What are you doing?

Me: Cutting watercolor paper.

Hank: Why?

Me: To make my dreams come true.

Hank: Oh.  (fidgeting about) You work really hard, mama.

Me: Indeed I do.  I will let you in on a secret.  You wanna hear?

Hank: (nodding)

Me: Just because you have everything you ever wanted in life doesn’t mean you get to work any less.  In fact, it means you will probably have to work harder than you ever thought possible, but you will be happy, and happiness make everything easier.

Hank: Oh.  Can I make a place for the fairies to sit while you work?

Me: That would be delightful.

Hank: I’ll be right back.

Me: I’ll be here.