Rushing into my room


Hank: MAMAMAMMAMA! My paintings are gone!

Me: I have had no coffee. You must be gentle.

Hank: My Paintings I made for the fairies are gone. They are not there and there are moedas (coins).

Me: Mostra (show me)

Hank: See, coins with crumbs. They must have used the money as plates.

Me: Could be, but these crumbs sparkle. This is fairy money. Your paintings aren’t gone, Hank. Your paintings were bought.

Hank: No WAY! Is this real money?

Me: Yup. Those fairies were lovely to bring you (counting) 19 cents.

Hank: Of Course! The tooth fairy brings real money, too. So I have 1.19 euro saved. How much more will I need to get Mario Kart?

Pai: (from another room) 48.81 euro

Hank: I need to make more paintings.