Hank: Mamamamammamammammama?

Me: Yes, young one?

Hank: Have you seen my noodlebook?

Me: Your what exactly?

Hank: My red sketchbook that Sarabeth Noodle made me.  It is not my sketchbook. It is my noodlebook.

Me: Check by the fairy door.  I remember you sketching… I mean noodling over there the other day.

Hank: (rummaging) Here it is. May I take it to school?

Me: You may.  Remember to take care of it.

Hank: I will.  Oh.  It has a stain.

Me: Really?

Hank: This will make it more cool.

Me: Your sketchbook should always look like it was run over by a truck full of ideas.

Hank: I can do that.