A couple Saturdays ago


Me: Hank, how old are you?

Hank: Six

Me: How many fingers do you have?

Hank: (looks) Ten.

Me: Have you looked out the window?

Hank: YES and there is sun.  What are we going to do?

Me: We have sleeping dragons to feed, a fairy to buy for Mariana F.’s birthday this weekend, magazines to read at the library, and cafés to visit.  Not to mention three museums.

Hank: I am getting on my shoes.

Me: But wait, before we go we have chores.

Hank: Argh.

Me: I feel the same way.  What are your chores?

Hank:  Talheres (silverware) to the table, cleaning up my room, and washing my face, brushing my teeth and faz xixi (pee) before bed.

Me: Today you get one more.  And this way we get going faster.  I will wash the lunch dishes and put away the food if you take the dry clothes from the drying rack and then bring me the clothespins.

Hank: Where do I put the clothes?

Me: In the laundry basket I provide.

Hank: Then what?

Me: Then I have to put the wet clothes out into the sun and after we may leave.

Hank: I will help you with the wet clothes too. I want to leave fast.  I need adventure.

Me: Lets get to work.