At the café


Me: So whats the haps at school?

Hank: It is strange.  Maria Louisa and my teacher are kinda fighting.

Me: Oh?

Hank: My teacher calls Maria Louisa just Maria and she doesn’t like it.  And she yells at my teacher.

Me: Yikes.

Hank: But Maria Lousia thinks she is smarter than the teacher.  She told me.

Me: What do you think?

Hank: She doesn’t finish her fichas (worksheets), she doesn’t do her homework, and when she does it is full of mistakes.

Me: Hum.

Hank: Some adults don’t respect kids.

Me: That is a fact.  Most adults do not take the time to listen with their whole heart.  They have forgotten what it is like to be a kid.  But I gotta tell yah, respect is a two way street.  You have to give respect to earn respect.

Hank: Maria Louisa doesn’t respect our teacher.

Me: Do you want to know one of the main differences between children and adults?

Hank: (chewing)

Me: Height.


An ogre’s favorite snack


Hank: Mama.  I have used my imagination all morning and I need a rest.

Me: Coitadinho (poor thing).

Hank: May I please watch stop animation car videos on youtube?

Me: Sure.  Bring me the ipad and I will set it up.

Hank: (searching and returning to ask) Mama, Do you know where it is?

Me: No.

Hank: I have looked all the lookable places.

Me: Then it is most probably with your papa in the bedroom.

Hank: Can I go and get it?

Me: You could risk it, but you know your Pai is sleeping and if you were to wake him up he would eat you.

Hank: No.

Me: ‘Fraid so.  What you do not know about your papa is that when he sleeps he is transformed into a swampy ogre and an ogre’s favorite snack are small, sneaky blond boys.

Hank: (calculating) I will just use my tip toes. (Hank tests the door which creeks ever so slightly returning) Maybe I will just watch music videos and practice my moves instead.

Me: No one ever called you dumb.

Hank: Not one day (dancing).


You never know when you are gonna need a paper boat


Hank: Clara in my class her parents are divorciados (divorced).

Me: Oh?

Hank: I have been thinking about if you and Papa were divorciados (divorced).  We wouldn’t go on adventures anymore and I would be very sad.

Me: Au contraire, mon frère (French spoken with an American accent: on the contrary, my brother)! You would go on double  the adventures. You would go on them with your Pai and e outra vez (another time) with me.  It is much better to have a happy life than a bad marriage and sometimes divorce is the right answer. You know plenty of divorced people who are very happy.  The thing to remember and maybe mention to your friend Clara is that some times relationships evolve and the love between pais (parents) is lost along the way.  This is sad, but this is true, although it is never a child’s fault.  There is no blame.  A child is made of love and that love cannot cause a divorce. EVER.  Understand?  And soon Clara will have two of everything.  Two houses, Two bedrooms, two beds, books and toys and hopefully soon her parents will find new love and then she will be loved by 4 pais (parents) instead of two.  Won’t that be special?

Hank: I like that.  I like thinking that my cousin Colie will have two more of everything and all the love.

Me: Me, too.  And for the record.  You don’t have to worry about your papa and I getting a divorce.  We three have thousands of more adventures ahead of us, besides we need him.  He is the navigator and  the only one who knows how to fold paper boats.

Hank: And we never know when we are gonna need a paper boat until we find the water.

Me: Truth.