Uncle Andy Rocking Chair


Hank: Mãe?  Papa?

Me: Yup.

Pai: Sim (yes).

Hank: I just realized we need to go and buy the baby an Uncle Andy rocking chair to fall asleep in just like I had in America.  Uncle Andy is too far away to buy it and we don’t have that chair anymore, so I want to buy one for the baby.

Pai: How about right now?

Hank: Can we?

Pai: Yup.

Me: (sobbing)

Hank: Mommy?

Me: (sobbing mess)

Hank: Are these happy tears or sad tears?

Pai: I think they are happy tears.  Why don’t you go get your mãe (mom) a tissue while I get the car keys.

Hank: I will be right back, my mama.

Me: (getting my purse, a big weepy mess of love)





Hank: What?

Pai: Diz-me (tell me).

Me: As of now EVERYONE can get married in Indiana.

Pai: Wonderful.

Hank: I was born in Indiana.

Me: Remember when we had to travel to Washington D.C. last summer so your cousins Jamie and Sarah could get married?

Hank: Yes, I remember, because in America estados (states) are different about love.

Me: Right…  Well Indiana decided to let that go and allow everyone to get married.

Hank: That’s good.

Me: So tomorrow, do you remember the ladies who took care of Seamus (our dog), Elizabeth and Karma?

Hank: Seamus’ new mommies.  They are so nice.  Pai, they live in a log cabin.  Seamus loved it there.

Pai: I remember.

Me: Well they have been in love for 13 years and tomorrow they are getting married.

Hank: Seamus would love that.

Me: (weepy) Yes, he would.

Hank: (thinking) Mama, where does Mandy (Hank’s pen-pal) live?  She lives in Indiana, too?

Me: Yes, she does.

Hank: Oh. (thinking) That means that Mandy can be like this (gets down on one knee) and say to Amy Davis, “Amy Davis, I love you.  You are my person.  Will you marry me?”  and Amy Davis can say, “YES.” And then they can go fishing.

Me: If Mandy is ready to ask Amy Davis then she may.

Hank: I hope they wait a while to get married so that I can go to their wedding.  I will save for the plane ticket.  I would wear a nice suit and a tie that is not like this (gestures a bow-tie) but like long like this (gestures a necktie).  I love love.

Me: (weepy) Me, too.

Pai: (hugging me) Eu também (me, too).


H.J.H. Pereira, Architect


Hank: Mamamamama. Mama, look.  I have decided that I am going to make roads in my sketchbook and then make them in Minecraft.

Me: That is a good idea.

Hank: See?  This is Rua de Cavaleiros (Knights Street).  This is apartments…

Me: Wow, yes.  I see.

Hank: This is how I can play Minecraft when I am out of technology time.

Me: Clever and did you know that designing houses and streets is a job.  It is what is called being an architect.  They draw up the building and use computers to build a model and draft plans.

Hank: I already do that.

Me: There is a Noodle Architect** who you have not met named Leslie and Teresa, mãe de Denis e Carolina (mother of Denis and Carolina) is an architect.   An architect is a mix of an artist and a designer.

Hank: I already am an architect!  I am going to design another street now.  It will be Rua de Alegria (Joy Street) after you!  I will make you the prettiest apartment, not too big, with a veranda.  The street will have lots of trees and flowers, a nice café and a bookstore that is called Billy Blankenstooth’s book store, but I will need you to help me write Billy Blankenstooth in English.

Me:  I am so honored and I cannot wait to see your drawing and then tour my street in Minecraft.

Hank: I am off to work.

Me: Catch you later, Architect.


** A Noodle in Hank’s world is actually a Noggle, close family friends of ours, and Leslie Noggle is a talented architect.  Check out her work HERE.