Spontaneous Dinner Karaoke


Hank: And someday I will get married and my sister will get married too, but not at the same time because I am older.

Pai: When you meet your person, yes.

Me: And if you choose to elope instead of having a fancy wedding I will pay for your flight anywhere in the world, but if you and your person choose to have a wedding I request double cake: two pieces.  I only go to weddings for cake and the bit in the beginning about love.

Hank: I don’t know about the cake. Maybe I will have a fancy cake like on the cake shows or maybe I will make my own cake.

Pai: Maybe you will be a cake baker when you grow up.

Hank: Or maybe I will have cupcakes or little mini cakes for everyone OR maybe my person will not like cake.

Me: (spontaneous dinner karaoke.  singing in my spoon.)

Sometimes I’m right and I can be wrong
My own beliefs are in my song
The butcher, THE BAKER, the drummer and then
Makes no difference what group I’m in
I am everyday people, yeah, yeah

There is a blue one
Who can’t accept the green one
For living with a fat one
Trying to be a skinny one
Different strokes
For different folks

And so on and so on
And scooby dooby dooby
Oh sha sha

Pai: What is that song?

Me: Sly and the Family Stones.

Hank: You made that up.


Pai: She just forgot the words at the end.

Me: Y’all don’t know!  I forgot NOTHING! I forgive you because you are six and you European, but I nailed that song accept I changed the bit about the baker which should have been banker.

Hank: I like that song. (wiggling, singing) Scooby dooby dooby!

Pai: (googling) I have to hear this for myself.

Me: What would you boys do with out me?  (singing) We’ve got to live together!

Hank: (singing) Scooby dooby dooby!

(Dinner then temporarily interrupted for a Everyday People dance party)




Hank: (returning from the dressing room) Ok.  I like this bathing suit.

Me: See, the decision is easier when you try them on.  Perfect. We’ll get it.

Hank: Now I am ready for FERIAS (VACATION)!

Me: Oh, Hank.  (shaking head. looking through the little girl sun dresses)

Hank: Oh, they are all so cute.

Me: That is the problem.  How will we ever be able to choose clothes for this little lady?  How can you pick?  They are all too cute.

Hank: You can’t pick because we haven’t met my sister yet.  When we know her we will be able to choose the dress.

Me: (pause) You are exactly right.

Hank: Yup.  You cannot buy any dresses until we meet her.  Then we will know.


Our Dancing Baby



Hank: Mommy, what does it feel like to have a baby in your belly?

Me: At first it feels like nothing at all and I cannot speak for everyone. I think it is always different.  For instance when you lived in my body you would be totally quiet and then all of a sudden BAM! POW! HELLO, MAMA! You’d kick me, hard.

Hank: (laughing)

Me: Just out of nowhere! SHA-ZAM! You wanted attention: LIKE NOW.  Or you had the hiccups and just kicked over and over and over.  And I cannot be sure if this was just me being crazy but at the end you use to either swish your head or foot back and forth and it felt so weird.

Hank: Maybe that is how I got my birthmark on my head that is there when I am mad.

Me: Maybe.  But with this little lady… it is like… Well, do you remember when all the kids dance in Charlie Brown?  Around the piano?

Hank: Oh, yes.

Me: She moves like that.  Like all the kids dancing at once.

Hank: Wow.

Me: I know.


** Guest Artist: Charles M. Schulz