To Be Continued


Hank: I have been thinking about a story you should write.

Me:  (sitting down) Tell me everything.

Hank: It is a story about love of a prince and a princess but the princess does not come first.

Me: Ok.

Hank: She comes later, but first the prince, named Strong King, lives with his mother and his father in a castle in China when they had castle.

Me: You mean Imperial China? And they were more palaces then castles.  In Imperial China they focused on building a large wall instead of individual castles.

Hank: Ok.  And the love happens in the fall.

Me: I have a theory about a fall romance I will tell you then you are older and ready for a romance of your own.

Hank: A fall romance between a prince and a princess who happens to be a normal girl. Once upon a time in Imperial China there was a girl named Jeni and she was a dumpling maker with a magical pan that made 500 dumplings in one second.  She made the dumplings by hand the pan made the rice.

Me:  That would be a good princess to have.

Hank: Now the prince had a beautiful palace with his mother and his father and he respected education and went to learn everyday and he had sweat corn cereal and milk every day for breakfast.

Me: What was his name?

Hank: Prince Strong King.

Me: That’s right.  Good foreshadowing.  How did he meet Jeni?

Hank: Who is Jeni?

Me: The soon to be princess with the magical rice cooker.

Hank: Um… Well…  (pause) I think I am done story telling because I have nothing left in my brain.  Can I tell you the rest tomorrow?

Me: Of course.

Hank: And can we have a snack now?  I think my hungriness stole my story.

Me: Happens to me all the time.