Looking for parking late on a Friday in Lisbon


Me: Oh my… I love dim sum with friends.

Pai: (circling the street)

Me: Hank did you get scared when you got stuck in between the railings when you were sliding down the banister or was it funny? I mean who knew you were that skinny?

Hank: Mama? What are you doing?

Pai: (still circling)

Me: What do you mean?

Hank: Do you not see that we need The Princess Parking and you are saying nothing?

Pai: (still circling)

Me: Oh no.

Hank: Mama! Say the words!

Me: I totally forgot.

Pai: (still circling)

Hank: Mama! What did you do? Karma’s gonna get you!

Me: AHHHH! Princess parking, princess parking, princess parking, princess parking…

Pai: (still circling)

Hank: We are getting further and further away!

Me: Please send us some princess parking.  I would be very grateful for some princess parking.

Hank: I can’t believe that you forgot! You do it every time and it always works.

Pai: Here’s one.

Me: Hurray!

Hank: Thank you, universe. This is really far away, but we’re healthy and we can walk. I am sorry my mama forgot to ask sooner, amen.