More than one kind of houseguest


Hank: Mama, it is official. I have to go wake up Leslie. She is totally enchanted.

Pai: What is this?

Me: Last night was Hank’s Art Opening and the fairies would have had to enchant Leslie in order for her to sleep through it. You know the drill. Purple flower juice in the ear… popularized by a little known fairy named Puck from this totally obscure play called A Midsumer Night’s Dream.

Hank: And that is why she is STILL asleep.

Pai: (raised eyebrow) Well it is close to noon.

Hank: I have to wake her up or she will sleep for hundreds of years!

Me: This has been known to happen.

Pai: She is also very tired from her conference and her flight… Ok, Hank, you may gently break Leslie’s enchanted sleep.

Hank: (opening her bedroom door, whispering) Leslie… Leslie… You must wake up now. It is not your fault. You have been enchanted by the fairies and if I don’t wake you up you will sleep and sleep and sleep and I won’t get to see you!

Leslie: Good morning, Hank.

Hank: Oh Leslie, it is not morning, it is meio-dia (noon).

Leslie: What is meio-dia?

Hank: Um… lunch time. You slept and slept. Look! See! The fairies came and bought my paintings. See, this is fairy money because it sparkles. And look there is a letter, too!!!

Leslie: I really was enchanted.

Hank: Here. I brought you this thing (Q-tip) to clean the flower potion out of your ear. Take your time. If you fall back asleep I will come back in and wake you up again. I have to go and show this letter to my mommy.

Leslie: Thank you, Hank. I will be right out.

Hank: (storming into the living room) I TOLD YOU SHE WAS ENCHANTED!