Brother Sister Time


Hank: (from the next room) Mama, please stay out of this room. Molly and I are having special brother sister time. No mothers aloud.

Me: (giggling) Sure. If you need me I am right here.

Hank: I know.

Me: (smiling)

Hank: Molly, how do you feel about some cartoons? (turning on the T.V.) Yes! Adventure TIME! (most probably doing a happy dance)

Molly: (two sneezes)

Hank: Mom. Molly is fine.

Me: Great, thanks.

Hank: Molly MaGoo, I bet watching Adventure Time would be much better with these. (pause) Oh yah, you don’t know what these are, you’re new. These are binoculars. You look through them at stuff and stuff gets bigger and cooler. (pause) Yup. Adventure Time is cooler and bigger. You wanna try? Molly? (pause) Raise your hand up if you want to try. (pause) No? Ok, maybe when you’re bigger. (pause) This is the best brother sister time ever.

Me: (peeking around the corner to witness Hank wearing binoculars and watching cartoons with Molly mesmerized watching Hank from her boppy pillow nest.)


Long After his Bedtime


Hank: (opening the living room door) Mommy?

Me: Uh-oh.

Pai: It’s very late.

Hank: I can’t sleep.

Pai: I’ll make the hot chocolate.

Me: Molly and I will tuck you back in bed.

Hank: Ok, but I am having bad dreams.

Me: I thought you said you couldn’t sleep.

Hank: I can’t. These dreams are just happening with my eyes open.

Me: Your thoughts are running away with you. That happens.

Hank: I keep seeing that I fall down a well, like that girl did on T.V.

Me: Baby Jessica? Can’t happen. You are too big to fall down a well like she did. And that was a very long time ago. She is all grown up now.

Hank: Not a small well, a big well.

Me: When walking in unknown territory always walk with a stick. That way you can test the ground in front of you to see if it is solid and prevent any accidental well falling.

Hank: And then I see us all in the car and Papa doesn’t slow the velocity… That means slow down?

Me: That is exactly what that means, good word.

Hank: And we all fall down a well in the car and it crashes.

Me: But we are ok because: seat belts.

Hank: But we are in a deep, deep well.

Me: But since we are ok because of seat belts I climb into the back seat and ninja kick out the back window because all car back windows are designed to be kicked out and then we will climb on to the car and up the well’s wall and out the other side.

Hank: But the wall is too slippery

Me: Then the people above who witnessed the accident will call for help and we will listen to our voices echo off the slippery walls until help comes.

Hank: But we were all alone in the campo (country).

Me: This is why cell phones were invented.

Hank: They fell into the water.

Me: (deep breath) Hank, you’ve got to change the way you think. Sure all of these ideas are scary and of course causing you to not sleep, but if you stay afraid you will let fear win. Nothing good comes from being scared in the moment. Haven’t you listened to me I came up with about 1,000 solutions to the well crisis. Because I focused on how to help my family out of the well I didn’t have time to be scared. Because I was busy coming up with a plan I was able to help you. Did you come up with some way of helping or did you just let fear get the best of you.

Hank: I didn’t do anything.

Me: What is a way you can think of to get us out of the well?

Hank: (thinking) We could cut the seat belts and make a rope and throw it out of the well and climb out.

Me: Great idea. Take a second to imagine that.

Hank: (imagining)

Me: Do you feel scared?

Hank: No.

Me: Awesome. When you are scared you cannot focus.  You need to jump into action and help. This works both in dreams and in real life.

Pai: And hot chocolate helps everything.

Hank: But what if in the future we do get into an accident? (diving into the hot chocolate)

Me: That could happen, but you cannot be scared of what could happen.  You cannot live in fear. If you do you will always be nervous and when you are nervous you miss out on all the awesome in the world. Just know that you are very smart and you can think of helpful ways to get out of any situation and when the crisis is over THEN you can look back and be scared. The key is to be too busy to be scared.

Pai: I have been in two car accidents and I am fine. You mãe (mom) is right. It is best to be thinking clearly and later you can be scared.

Hank: Ok.

Me: Can you try this if your thoughts run away with you again, or you have bad dreams?

Hank: I can try. (finishing his hot chocolate)

Me: Practice makes perfect.

Hank: Ok. Good night.

Pai: Boa noite (good night).

Me: Sweet dreams.


Brother Time


Me: (humming Black Patch by Laura Nyro to Molly)

Hank: Mama, can it be my turn with Molly? I haven’t gotten to hug her yet today.

Me: Why, of course. Sit nicely (handing over Molly). Comfy?

Hank: Yup. We’re good. Now you can go and do something you want to do.


Hank: Yes. I have secrets to tell her.

Me: (grinning) Yah?

Hank: Yup.

Me: Ok. Then I am going to put the laundry out on the veranda. I will leave the window in the bathroom open so I can hear you. Holler if you need me.

Hank: I will, but we won’t need you. Take your time.

Me: Thanks, Hank. You’re very helpful.

Hank: Ok, now go, please. It’s brother time.

Me: As you wish. (giggling, then singing on my way out with the laundry) Clothespins on wash ropes, window to window tie. Socks and bells and nightgowns, tassels in the morning, tassels in the morning sky. Oo, la, la, la, blackpatch.