Far Flung Fairies


(in the hallway of my in-law’s apartment)

Hank: Good morning, Papa. Is mommy and Molly awake?

Pai: (groggy) Yes.

Hank: Mooooommmmmmyyy! (opening the bedroom door)

Me: (eyes still closed) Morning, Hank. How goes it?

Hank: The tooth fairy came.

Me: (cracking open my left eye) Shut the front door.

Molly: (kicking, giggling and drooling)

Hank: I didn’t know if they would come because my avó (grandmother) doesn’t have a fairy door.

Me: (cracking open my right eye) I grew up without a fairy door and had plenty of magic, thank you very much.

Hank: And LOOOOOOOOK. They left me €4.

Me: Two teeth, including a big front one… that sounds about the going rate.

Hank: But mommy, LOOK. The Euros are green sparkle metal protector. This is different from my last fairy money.

Me: You are so observant. All about the details, you are. That is of course because of where we are…

Hank: At my Avó’s (grandparent’s)?

Me: Yup. We’re not at home in Guimarães. We’re in Setúbal therefore different fairies. And different fairies mean different identifying glitter. Just think of Tinkerbell… her fairy dust’s sparkle is gold. Your fairy at home as a copper and gold mix and the fairy that represents this house has a fine green glitter dust, apparently.

Hank: Oh. Fairies are fascinating.

Me: HA! Indeed. And that was the best pre-coffee word choice I have ever experienced. (hugging Hank, kissing his bed head) Congrats on losing those teeth FINALLY!

Hank: I didn’t really lose them because I let my Avó Dalia rip them out, but they’re gone now and I keep doing this. (sticking his tongue in his tooth gap)

Me: Only natural.

Hank: Molly, look! (showing Molly his fairy coins)

Molly: (mesmerized, mouth open, drooling)