Snuggle Piles FOR LIFE


Me: Alright, my babies. It’s 9pm. Time to wind down.

Hank: Where is papa?

Me: He was invited by some of his students to give a talk to their after-hours science club. It’s kinda cool and he will be home very late, because all cool stuff starts after 10pm.

Hank: Can we take Smudgie-bums (Molly) and have a big snuggle pile with books in your bed?

Me: I am getting my pajamas on right now.

Hank: Me, too.

(meeting up in my bed five minutes later)

Molly: (kicking, smiling and drooling)

Me: Have you accomplished you nightly checklist?

Hank: Teeth, xixi (pee), washed my hands and my face.

Me: (squeezing him tight) You are so independent, thank you, and I want you to know that I love our snuggle piles and I will never take them for granted. I know someday you will be 15 and not want to hang out with me as much and that is ok.

Hank: What are you talking about?

Me: It is totally normal to not want to hang out with your mother when you’re a teenager.

Hank: (snuggling deep) I am going to be different. I love you. You are my friend. We’re a team. I will always want to spend time with you. I will remember. Don’t worry.

Me: Thanks, buddy.

Hank: You’re welcome. Now, can you please read Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle with your lispie voice and not your English voice? It is much more funny that way.

Me: (with a major lisp) Seriously?

Hank: (Giggling)