Over Dinner


Me: Dinner.

Hank: Can I help with the table?

Pai: Napkins, please.

Hank: I’ll get them.

Pai: I’ll eat with Amália, please.

Me: (handing over the baby)

Hank: (returning) What are we having?

Me: Grilled chicken, salada de feijao frade (black eyed pea salad) and romanesco.

Pai: Yum.

Hank: Is that romanesco this? (pointing to the broccoli)

Me: Yup.

Hank: It is so pretty.

Pai: It is a fractal.

Hank: A Fraggle?

Me: Nope. A fractal is a never ending pattern. A Fraggle is an epic character from Jim Henson. He made the muppets.

Hank: I don’t remember Fraggles I think.

Me: (singing) Dance your cares away.

Pai and I: (clap, clap)

Me: (singing) Worries for another day. Let the music play.

Pai and I: (clap, clap)

Me: (singing) Down at Fraggle Rock.

Hank: Oh, I remember that. (chewing his fractal)


Amália aka Molly McGoo aka ?


Molly: (fussing a bit)

Hank: Molly. Oh Molly, what is wrong? Do you have poops? Are you hungry? Don’t worry little… Little… Mama? What do we call Molly? I am chicken or chicken soup and… wait, what do we call you?

Me: (desperately trying to eat my lunch with two hands) You used to call me pilot.

Hank: Oh, I remember that. So we call you pilot and what do we call papa?

Me: He’s the hardest button to button.

Hank: Right and then what should we call Molly? (thinking)

Me: Hippopotamus?

Hank: No, that’s not it. They’ll eat your face off.

Me: True. What about chipmunk?

Hank: Perfect. Molly you are a little chipmunk.

Me: Do you even know what a chipmunk is Hank? We don’t have them in Portugal.

Hank: Of course I do. They are like little lemurs and I love lemurs.