Tucking Hank In


conversations with hank


Me: Did you check everything off the list?

Hank: Teeth, xixi (pee), wash face and hands… Yup.

Mom: Good night, Hank. We had a wonderful day and there is one more left.

Hank: No. You leave on quinta-feira (Thursday).

Me: That means Thursday.

Mom: Oh, yes we do, but we leave really early in the morning so tomorrow will be our good-bye day.


Me: Man… Time has flown by hasn’t it buddy?

Hank: (nodding, tearing up)

Me: So we have two options: we can either be real sad tonight and get all the sadness out so tomorrow when you wake up and see your Grammy and Grandpa Snitch it will be like a gift or we can save all that sadness you are beginning to feel and feel it all on Thursday morning when you wake up and they are already on the plane.

Hank: (thinking)

Mom: I have had the best time with you, Hank. You know, you are my first grand-baby. My very first one. That makes you always very special to me.




Hank: I don’t think I can wait. I think I will be a little bit sad tonight and a little bit sad tomorrow night and extra very much sad on quint-, I mean, on Thursday morning.

Me: Totally normal.

Hank: But don’t you feel sad Grammy. We still have tomorrow.

Mom: Ok. I will do my best.

Me: Good night, mister.

Hank: Good night, my mama. Good night, Grammy. See you tomorrow.

Mom: See you tomorrow.

(This morning was extra sad, but a double chocolaty chocolate milk helped a bit.)