Over Lunch with Friends


Hank: Ana, while we were in the woods I lost another tooth.

Me: You certainly didn’t lose it. You ripped it out, no fear and no shame.

Hank: I was hurting me and I couldn’t eat well.

Ana: Well, then that was the right choice.

Hank: And the fairies came and gave me five euros.

Ana: Wow, generous fairies.

Me: Well…

Hank: One Euro was for my tooth and the other four euros were to ask me to paint some paintings.

Me: Hank recently had another fairy art opening in front of our fairy door and this fairy, Luna Lucil, wasn’t able to buy a painting before they all sold.

Hank: Her name isn’t Luna Lucil… that is how we call her. That is her phone number.

Me: No, her name is Luna Lucil Habberfrost… Harvestfrost… I don’t remember. A fairy’s name is always apart of their door spell.

Ana: Door spell?

Hank: We have a fairy door.

Ana: That I know. I remember when you and Irina and Euclides asked the fairies for electronics at Christmas, but what is a door spell?

Hank: (leaving the room)

Me: A door spell is the calling spell to get in touch with a particular fairy or to contact Far Flung Fairies, INC. the agency that handles our fairy door.

Hank: (returning with his fairy letter) Read this to Ana, mama. This is my letter.

Ana: You got a letter, too!

Me: Henrique José Hanford Pereira,

Kell luck! When my magic reported a lost tooth in the area I never thought it’d belong to the artist! Your last show was the toast of our Far Flung Fairy division and all your paintings sold before I was able to claim one. I was hoping I could pay you now for your tooth and if you are not too busy 4 paintings, at your convenience of course! I can come and collect the work through your door. All you need is to call upon me by knocking 4 and 20 times and saying:

Oh hear me, Luna Lucil
O’er the glen
By the shade grove trees.
I have your paintings
Or request a favor of thee.

Any style of painting you wish is a blessing. Thank you very much. I cannot wait to see your creations.

Cordially Yours,

Luna Lucil Hazefrost
Fairy Field Agent
Far Flung Fairies Inc.

Ana: Luna Lucil Hazefrost.

Me: I knew it was something like that.

Hank: I have to make her paintings and work really hard because they need to be worth one euro each. I am thinking of ideas.

Braulio: And you have more of these letters, Hank?

Hank: Oh, yes.

Braulio: Is there a book about these fairies?

Me: (blushing) I don’t know.

Hank: We should call Paige Portensia, mama. Maybe there is a book I can paint some paintings and buy that way.

Ana: Who is Paige Portensia?

Hank: She is the director of Far Flung Fairies, Inc.

Ana: Oh yes, she is the one who wrote the letter at Christmas and explained about Pai Natal (Santa).

Hank: Yes, Braulio did you know that Pai Natal (Santa) is a Fairy?

Braulio: I did not.

Hank: Yes and did you know that fairies are allergic to metal?

Braulio: Yes, you told me last week when you lost your other tooth and your coins were covered in brilhantes (glitter).

Hank: That is to protect the fairies and Pai Natal (Santa) that is why his face and nose are all red. They are burned because of the allergies and the red clothes he wears are special to protect him.

Braulio: I would be interested in learning more about these Far Flung Fairies.

Hank: I will go get my letters and we can call Paige Portensia and she can answer all of your questions.

Me: After lunch.

Hank: Oh, I almost forgot. (diving back into his meal)