Over Lunch

conversations with hank


Me: Alright! We have a stellar bicultural combo for lunch today. (setting his plate down in front of him) Homemade American macaroni and cheese with a side of Brazilian black beans and chouriço (sausage) and a huge salad for balance.

Hank: Yum!

Me: Enjoy it, buddy.

Hank: And you are having a lovely, healthy salad.

Me: There is so much goodness in this salad you shouldn’t be fooled by the lettuce. This is a HUGE lunch and I will be lucky to eat it all.

Hank: We are really lucky to have this good food.

Me: Truth.

Hank: And this good life.

Me: Indeed.

Hank: Thank you for caring about me. Some mother’s don’t care about their kids.

Me: Nope. That was a wonderful thing to say. I really appreciate your gratitude, Hank. Your heart is something special.

Hank: What is gra-tit-ude?

Me: Gratitude is the state of gratefulness. When you show gratitude you acknowledge your blessings and take a moment to express them to others or to yourself. Gratitude is being thankful.

Hank: I do that everyday… Well, most days. Some days I forget.

Me: Totally normal. Gratitude is a gift you give to yourself and to others.

Hank: Like a compliment?

Me: Like the best kind of compliment. There is nothing better than knowing your kid is happy and loving his wild, preciouses life.

Hank: (mouth full, chewing)

Me: (smiling) And his lunch.