conversations with hank


Me: Well, I’ll be…

Hank: What is it?

Me: It is International Fairy Day.

Hank: Is that a thing?

Pai: On the internet.

Me: No, really. Today, São João for us is Midsummer festival for the fae, the day when the veil between the fairy realm and the human world lifts. You know… as in Shakespeare?

Pai: (doubtful glance)

Me: Maybe that is why people are so mischievous on São João?

Pai: Do not look at me. This is catholic stuff. I am ignorant.

Hank: You mean the fairies are here?

Me: I guess so. This is also their big holiday, so tonight they will be out and about celebrating.

Hank: I love that. The Far Flung Fairies work very hard.

Me: Well, not today. They are all at play.

Hank: Can we call them and leave them happy… what day is it again?

Me: Midsummer.

Hank: Happy Midsummer messages?

Me: Of course we can. And… have you been to the fairy door lately? I believe you have installed the paintings for… Oh, what was her name again? Lyuba? Lucy?

Hank: OH NO! Luna Lucile! That is right! I made the pictures, but never called her. (facepalm) That is so rude. She paid for them like 7 months ago.

Me: (giggling) Try one month ago.

Hank: Can we call her today?

Me: She maybe too busy celebrating to collect her paintings.

Hank: We can leave her a message. She can come and get them whenever she can. I need to tell her I am sorry. I’ll get the letters.  I also want to call Paige Portensia.

Me: (smiling)

Pai: This house is full of…


Pai: I was going to say that.

Me: (giving him a kiss on the cheek) I bet you were.