Sleep Surrender

conversations with hank


Hank: (sobbing in his bed)

Me: (going into his room, rubbing his back) It’s beyond time for you to settle down.


Me: You haven’t even tried.

Hank: But…

Me: I am done with your attention seeking behavior for the evening. I know you are overly excited, but nothing good comes from going to sleep in a flood of tears. The first time you got out of bed was fine, you were loved and snuggled, but then the second time and now this… its time to draw a line in the sand and admit defeat.

Hank: But I need to tell you how I feel.

Me: I am listening.

Hank: My head hurts, my stomach aches, and I just want to scream.

Me: All the more reason to surrender. Time to sleep. Time to close your eyes, take deep breaths and just relax. Sleep will fix everything.


Me: You have fought enough for today. Time to simply give in.






Pai: (carrying sleeping Molly into the room, putting her in her crib)

Hank: (whispering) Mama, you can go now. I give up.

Me: (whispering) Good night, Hank.

Pai: (whispering) Até amanhã (see you tomorrow).

Hank: (yawning)


Dead Moscas (Flies)

conversations with hank


Lyuba: Molly is so cute!

Me: (hugging Molly) She’s a special kind of charming.

Molly: (grinning and growling at Lyuba)

Lyuba: Um?

Me: That is the special part.

Lyuba: Did she just growl at me?

Hank: Yup, she growls at everything.

Pai: While we were in Alentejo (southern Portugal) we decided Molly should start a death metal band called Dead Moscas.

Me: That means dead flies

Hank: Because while we were on vacation Molly growled at all the flies and when my parents killed them with the fly swatter we had to run and clean them up so she wouldn’t eat them, because she really wanted to.

Lyuba: Ewww.

Me: True story and Dead Moscas’ signature track will be entitled (using my best/worst death metal growl) “I eat the corpse of moscas (flies).” (coughing)

Lyuba: (laughing)

Hank: (laughing)

Pai: Nice try.

Me: (reaching for a glass of water)

Molly: (growling)


A very valuable friendship

conversations with hank


Hank: I am so excited you are here! I am so excited to see you! You are such a special friend, Lyuba.

Lyuba: Awe… I feel the same way, Hank.

Hank: But this is all your fault. (wide gestures around the room) Everything! Our family is your fault. You introduced my parents. Without you I wouldn’t exist… and Molly wouldn’t exist.

Lyuba: Oh, don’t think that way.

Hank: No, its okay, I wanted to exist.