Lazing on the back porch of our house in Alentejo (southern Portugal)

conversations with hankMe: (waving a flyswatter as if it were a palm frond imagining the decadent life of Cleopatra) Hank?

Hank: (equally lazy in the summer heat) Yes?

Me: I have a brilliant idea.

Hank: (lazily) Tell me.

Me: You will be the fly bait. The flies will land on you and I will kill the flies. Know that it will hurt, but it will be worth it. (winding back to kill just such a fly)

Hank: (lazy giggle) Mama, no. I do not agree that is a good idea.

Me: But the flies will be dead!

Hank: And then more flies will come. This is Alentejo (southern Portugal). Flies are a part of life. Just ignore them and you will have a lovely nap. That is what I do.

Me: But…

Hank: This is your choice to be annoyed by the flies.


Hank: (utterly zen)

Me: (kills another fly near but not on Hank)