Mind Explosion

conversations with hank


Me: (opening the living room door) Good morning, everyone.

Hank: Good morning, my mama.

Molly: Ne-ne-ne-ne-ne! (Mamamamammamama!)

Pai: (from a big hug) Good morning, did you have a nice sleep?

Me: (being attack/hugged by Hank) Ufff, yes I did, thank you. I had no idea I slept so late. I didn’t even hear you get up.

Pai: That was the whole point. That’s what rainy Sundays are for.

Molly [crawling over to join the cuddle pile) Screeching (Mama! Pick me up.)

Me: (picking up Molly) What did I miss so far?

Hank: Oh, look (pulling up his hair to reveal a monster mosquito bite).

Me: Yikes. You done got bit, Bubba!

Hank: I already put the no-itch medicine on it.

Me: So we have a rogue mosquito in the house? Let us all keep our eyes peeled for the varmint.

Pai: (walking off eyes to the ceiling)

Molly: [huge yawn, head resting on my shoulder] Eee-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne (Mama, come and watch Xana Toc Toc with me. I am not at all tired.) [pointing at the TV]

Me: All right, MaGoo, I hear you. Just a few more songs from Xana and then it is…

(Loud smack)

Pai: (walking into the living room, carrying his kill) Look Hank: your blood.

Hank: (confused) Huh?

Me: Your papa killed the mosquito. The mosquito that bit you? He was fat on your blood.

Hank: What! Mosquitos drink your blood? That is what happens when they bite? Really?

Me: Yup.

Hank: That is the grossest thing I have ever heard. He ATE my blood? Mosquitos are basically vampires?

Me: ‘Fraid so.

Hank: I just… I mean… (shivers)

Me: Mind blown?

Hank: More like my mind is completely exploded.

Me: (positively purple with laughter)

Molly: [asleep on my shoulder]