Happy New Year, Indeed

conversations with hank


Molly: (screaming from her crib)

Hank: Mama?

Me: Okay, (entering their shared bedroom) it’s all right. They’re just fireworks, Ms. MaGoo.

Molly: (whimpering, reaching to be picked up)

Me: (sitting with Molly in the rocking chair) It’s only fireworks, dear heart. They sound scary, but they make beautiful lights in the sky. You liked them earlier when we watched them from the veranda.

Hank: (groggy) They are for Ano Novo (New Year). They will happen all night long, Amália. You will get used to them, muggy.

Molly: (whimpering)

Me: But now you must be brave and forget the noise and travel to the Island of Bedfordshire.

Hank: What is the Island of Bedfordshire?

Me: You don’t remember, Hank? I use to send you sailing to the Island of Bedfordshire all the time.

Hank: Oh, is it that place with the cabins where you can have the best night’s sleep ever?

Me: One in the same.

Hank: Can you tell the whole story again? Molly will love it.

Me: Well, my darling children it is time to set sail off across a clam sea to the Island of Bedfordshire where all your dreams come true. First you need to leave your day behind you and shove off in your sailboat only big enough for one, with the sunset waning at your back turning the water you sail through from blue to orange on toward the horizon and the cabin lined Island of your dreams.

Once you approach the shore you will steer your boat toward one of the many docks in font of a cabin with the porch lamp dark, tie up your boat and sail before walking across the dock and toward the cabin that waits. You will find the door unlocked and step inside, kick off your shoes and turn on the porch light as you close the door behind you signaling your cabin is occupied. There you will find and change into your most perfect pajamas, brush your teeth and slip under the covers and begin to dream the best dreams of your life.

The night will pass quickly, but restfully and in the morning you will arise, stretch, find slippers at your feet and a bathrobe across the foot of your bed then exit out the back door of the cabin where you will take your breakfast under the dappled light of an apple tree in a private garden filled with flowers and bees who won’t sting and birds that twill tunes only for you.

And when you are full you reenter the cabin, dress and leave turning off the porch light, walk gratefully to your boat and set sail from the beautiful Island of Bedfordshire and into your day. (kissing Molly’s sleeping cheek.) Enjoy your trip, Molly my love.

Hank: Is she asleep?

Me: (putting Molly in her crib) She has set sail and most probably picking her dock and cabin as we speak.

Hank: I forgot all about that story. Is it one of yours or did someone tell it to you when you were little?

Me: (sitting on the side of his bed) It’s one of mine that I dreamed up just for you.

Hank: Mama, are you happy I exist?

Me: What a perfectly wonderful question. I am beyond happy you exist. You are one of my very most favorite people. You make my life better and I am so excited to get to spend this life with you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your kind heart and amazing questions that teach me so much searching for your best answers.

Hank: I am so happy you’re my mama and that this is my family and we have papa and Molly, too.

Me: We are blessed aren’t we?

Hank: Good night, mama. I’m off to Bedfordshire. Happy New Year.

Me: (so full of love for this boy) Have a safe trip. Happy New Year, indeed.